The DIY Impact

We need you to do your thing so we can continue to do ours

Due to a fast-moving pandemic many of our 2020 fundraising events have been cancelled or postponed. However, The Princess Margaret plays a critical role in maintaining and improving the lives of those affected by cancer. A disease that does not know or respect social distancing. It is the second leading cause of death globally and those numbers continue to rise.


With your help we can find new ways to detect, treat and prevent cancer

All proceeds raised through the Princess Margaret Cancer Foundation, including the DIY Challenge, directly support more than 1300 researchers and scientists who continue to push boundaries and create space for new possibilities while setting global standards in cancer care­. This means earlier detection, improved diagnostics, targeted treatments and lasting hope for patients and their loved ones.



How we're leading the way in cancer care

The Princess Margaret is the largest comprehensive cancer centre in Canada and one of top five in the world.


18,127 new patients from all over the globe are treated every year

Clinical Care

200+ types of cancer treated including some of the rarest forms


Home to 324 residents and fellows and more than 360 health professional students


22% of patients are in clinical trials (vs. average of 8% in the US)


International partnerships with centres in Italy, Jordan, India, Spain, China, Kenya, Brazil and Germany


1 in 2 Canadians will be diagnosed in their lifetime

That’s half of all Canadians, half of our families, our colleagues and our friends. Learn why some of our DIY challengers are taking things into their own hands and supporting our vision to Conquer Cancer In Our Lifetime.



"I remember working on a record a number of years ago with a friend who was diagnosed with Leukemia - he could no longer finish the process, he was insanely talented and so, so young. I really hate that this disease comes out of nowhere and cuts lives short. Young or old, we all have plans. And I want to use my talents to help people see those plans through. The money raised may never directly benefit me, but it could save my kids; it could help a neighbour, or a neighbours kid. Every dollar raised is like a drop of water in a bucket, eventually it’ll all spill over and help us conquer this thing for good."

Pat Robitaille


"I'm not a runner. I'm not an athlete. I just wanted to bring awareness to what Jillian and Adam are going through - to what countless Canadians have to deal with and ask for your help in doing our part to continue the fight against cancer."

Jason Furlano


"You bring funds that are going towards the research, that is hopefully going to bring us one step closer to the cure."

Freda Lochhead
Breast cancer survivor

Together we can Conquer Cancer In Our Lifetime

It doesn’t matter if you bike, build, walk, ride or craft. Your talent will be recognized for decades to come by millions of people here in Canada and around the world.


Challenge Accepted